How to gain weight naturally in one month?

This wonderful blog today addresses the most common question, how to gain weight naturally. Now, we all know that gaining weight is the most difficult thing to do in life. It is even more difficult if someone wants to gain good weight instead of the weight gained with the help of food supplements. And for that purpose, people usually ask for expert’s advice or search here and there to gather information on a successful weight gain formula.

Trust me, there are many websites available that guarantee that with the help of their listed tips or steps, people can easily gain weight naturally in one month but most of them are based on unrealistic and impractical approach. It is almost hard to find a good piece of advice with just an hour of internet surfing. Here, you are in luck. We say so because we have asked nutritional experts to give tips on how to gain weight naturally in one month without any side effects and we listed them here in this blog to help you with this.

So, here are some good and effective piece of advice from the weight gain experts from all around the world: –

Add more carbs to your diet

The very first tip on how to gain weight naturally in one month is to increase your carbohydrates intake. Pasta, rice, potatoes, and cereals are some of the carbohydrate-rich foods that you can take in your diet to increase good weight naturally. You can also add milk products as well as nuts to your carbohydrate diet to make the impact even more intense.

Increase your calorie consumption

Second best way to increase weight naturally is to increase your calorie intake. And that needs to be done every week i.e. you need to increase your calorie consumption week by week. For instance, add 100 calories every day until you reach 2000 calories per day. Do some research on the nutritional values of the food items you eat in a day and plan your diet schedule accordingly to reach that potential without getting full.

Eat small but frequently

Our next tip on how to gain weight in one month is to eat small but frequently. By eat small but frequently, we mean that you should

You have to feed your body every 4 hours to achieve weight gain goal in a 1-month timeline. This will also ensure that you have a high metabolic rate so that you remain on course with your weight gain plan. Make a well-rounded diet chart that gives you sufficient major nutrients – protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Make whole-grains, vegetables, kidney beans, lean red meat, eggs, chicken and fish a part of your diet. Furthermore, it is advised that you don’t skip any meals and eat healthy snacks in between meals.

Gain Weight Naturally

Increase good fat-rich foods

While food with bad fats are available in the market, you will also find good fat foods there as well. All you need to know is which food items have good fat in them. For instance, egg yolks, meat with fat, coconut oil, and so on are some of the food items with good fat. How can one find the difference? Well, here’s the thing. Bad fats are trans-fat and saturated fats whereas healthy fat foods are monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and omega 3 fatty acids. So, our fourth tip on how to gain weight naturally is to eat food with good fat and stay healthy.

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Exercise regularly / weight training

In order to gain weight fast and accurately, most doctors as well as medical practitioners suggest people to start doing weight training. Weight training includes bench presses, squats, military press and dead-lifts. While doing the weight training, one must not forget to eat calorie-dense foods. our last and final advice to you on increasing weight naturally is to do weight training.


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