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How to decorate home without spending money

Whoops! Something needs change and that something is none other than look of your house. Sometimes you feel bored of your same looking house, so you wish that you make a round of your stick and it can create a new look, out of just a round of stick. However, there’s a secret, let me tell you that it is possible to decorate home without spending money. Want to know how you will end up creating a new look of your house that will gain praise of your guests and how to decorate home without spending money? Don’t hop off any point just keep reading the blog till the end.

1- Don’t waste the opportunity

Now the first thing on our list of how to decorate home without spending money is bring use of free sources. Tell me the last you visited a program or workshop on magazine, interior designing etc. When you get one of these opportunity just grab them so you can get most of the free sources from there. Sometimes you have to go for a super market where they have a section called stock clearance, you can never resist those items and their prices.

2- Decorate the entrance

The first impression works as an attraction, if the impression is good. However the entrance point of your house should be as attractive as your any model. So decorate the entrance of your house with vase that is full of flowers. This idea comes in the list of how to decorate home with things you already have and one of the advantage of implementing this idea is that it can create a welcome gesture as well.

3- Decorate the walls

Have you decked up with many of the unused jewellery or old jewellery of yours? Let’s bring them into a good use, here you get the answer how to decorate my room without buying anything. Time to take out some of the picture frame which are under your bed box. Now what you have to do is to hang the jewellery on that picture frame and pin it to wall. How’s the idea?

4- What about kitchen

Turn to your kitchen now, what you see those old crockery sitting in a cabinet need exposure, no? This is the idea which is going to solve up your thought of how to decorate home without spending money. Clean up the crockery set and arrange them like plates, cups, glasses, cutlery etc. You can also play around their colour, group the things which are same in colour.

5- Stylize your living room

Now bring your concern to your living room which wants yours attention for so long. Just imagine you re-live those old and golden moments by just sitting in your living room. Then just search your cabinet and stick to those photos. What you have to do take out strings and clips and pin the photos with those strings. This will solve the problem of your concern about how to decorate home with things you already have.

6- Touch up the living room

The next tricky question is that how to decorate my room without buying anything. How does it sound if you can store the fruits in your living room? It will have two advantages one is that your guest can get a quick welcoming gesture through these fruits and other it will add up some colours to the room as well.

7- Furniture needs nurture

Now there comes the point how to decorate home with things you already have, while in this list you will find furniture resting in your old room. Just wait for some time your old room is going to disappear, Start by colouring the furniture with brighter shade thus step will give your furniture a new look. Now the next step is to change their position and see the magic. Can you spot your old room?

decorate home without spending money

8- Bring masterpiece life

That living which is in the centre of attraction to your house. You need to enhance the beauty of that room by giving exposure to those achievements of your family which are resting in cupboard. Is your boy or girl master in painting then why waste their masterpieces put them on wall now? So this is how to decorate home with things you already have, must try this idea.

So these were some of the ideas which can help you in decorating your house with no cost. Now this is the end if your search of how to decorate my room without buying anything.



Zafreen Khan is a student in computer science field which helped her to involve in blogging and other online platform. This field has enhanced her working experience. She loves to try new things every now and then. Online world has provided her some great opportunity of being touch with brands and also got involved in many of the startups. She loves to travel and explore different variety of foods. You can find her writing and sipping coffee at the coffee shop.
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