Things girl want in boys

Attention boys! Do you want any particular girl to be your bae? Is your girl ignoring you? Or maybe you are not successful in approaching any girls? Or even girls don’t pay attention to you? Or maybe girls don’t find their dream boy in you? Or you just want to know what things girl want in boys?

Maybe you are thinking now that what girl want from boys, when you want to create an aura of your personality in front of your girl so that she never blink her eyes off of you, then you need to follow this post to the end.

We humans are full of tastes and wishes everyone single human has their own wish or tastes. As you possess any special quality in your dream girl, girls too have some wish and possession of any particular quality in their bae. As you want a girl behind your seat of bike, then this is the place where we are going to let you know about all those qualities a girl admire in their boy.

1- Care and respect for her

The very first thing which attract a girl is your respect and care towards her and trust me when you will shower some extra care and respect on her she will be amazed of you. No matter how much of bank balance you have or even how handsome you look, a girl loves to be pampered like a child. To pamper her you just need to care for her and respect her in any circumstance. This is the first and foremost thing what women want in men. As she is your woman you need be gentle and generous towards her so that she can feel loved.

2- Maturity is the thing

Maturity is the thing which can get you a girl easily and smoothly too and if you are searching that one thing what girl want from boys then maturity is the answer. As you know girls have mood swings that too very frequently and they can turn out to be naughty at times. However, this is not a strange thing to wish that their guy needs to handle all her frequent mood swings and naughtiness. So you need to handle that little bae of yours carefully and she will be happy.

3- Burst out the hidden bodyguard in yourself

The next thing what women want in men is straight forward “Safeguard”. You need to pull out the hidden bodyguard in yourself. Be the one on this earth where she can feel safe. You don’t need to play a role of bodyguard around her it just that you need to be around good people and make positive environment around yourself.

4- Let Her speak

One of the most special quality which you need emerge in yourself is “listening”. Sounds funny?, but honestly it’s the thing which will let her feel that you are giving her importance. Meanwhile you can admire her beauty and get to know her too.

5- Build and Work on your dreams

Now, as i say build and work on your dreams it directly means that you need to get working or maybe upgrading your bank balance. It should be one of the most important thing to you as well. Girls are master in a skill which is called as day dreaming and the moment you tell them about your dream even it hits on her heart she will get attracted towards you. So this is the thing what girl wants from boys, because this creates a persona that you are not lazy and hit it hard for tomorrow.

6- Don’t underestimate the power of physical appearance

As you know, no one can beat the fashion sense of girls. So the next thing what women want in men is the attractive physical appearance. However, it also includes a good sense of thinking process and fashion sense too. Girls love to see boys in an impressive attire with such a great colour combination and outstanding hair style. Apart from that you must know how to react of any bad joke or any serious situation.

Things girl want in boys

So these are the top most qualities which a girl want in a boy. Now that you want to get a girl who is mad in your love and totally attracted to you, you can follow these simple tips. I hope you got the answer of what things girl want in boys.



Zafreen Khan is a student in computer science field which helped her to involve in blogging and other online platform. This field has enhanced her working experience. She loves to try new things every now and then. Online world has provided her some great opportunity of being touch with brands and also got involved in many of the startups. She loves to travel and explore different variety of foods. You can find her writing and sipping coffee at the coffee shop.

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