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Have you ever used a spy app to keep an eye on smartphone activities of someone else? The technologists have designed spyware app for android mobile phones to enable the end-user to keep track of a smartphone device without taking into custody. Parents and employers are the main beneficiaries of this technology that allows them to remotely and secretly supervise the online and offline activities of their concerned ones. In this article, we have reviewed the most powerful Activity Tracking App for Android, TheOneSpy. Read on to know what differentiates this android spyware from other mobile phone monitoring and tracking apps.

TheOneSpy Android Spyware App

TheOneSpy spy app for cell phone is among the most trusted and high-tech tracker applications for android smartphones and tablets. It enables the end-user to monitor and control a smartphone device without possession. The web-based control panel of the app allows taking control of the targeted device without having access to that device. The end-user of the software can get access to data stored on the monitored device and can control different functions of the phone. Read on to know about the core features of the android tracking app for mobile phone.  

Core Features

The monitoring solution for android devices offers a broad range of features enabling users to sneak into an android device without letting anyone know. We have discussed here the most important features of the software. Have a look!

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Remote Control Device

With the use of the cell phone tracker app, you can control an android device remotely. The app allows locking or unlocking the device. It also allows turning on camera and microphone of the target device by sending a remote command via online control panel.


This is one of the most advanced features of the surveillance app. The end-user can monitor and capture surroundings by creating MIC and camera bug. The app secretly turns on camera and microphone of the cell phone to enable the end-user to witness and record surrounding scenes and sounds.  

SMS Tracker

You can read messages of your target by getting access to incoming and outgoing messages saved on the targeted phone. The android surveillance app also allows getting contact numbers of message senders and receivers.

Call Recorder

You can listen to the phone calls received and made by your target via monitored android phone. The monitoring app for android devices secretly records all inbound and outbound calls of the object and accesses contact details of callers and recipients. 

Screen Recorder

Using the high-tech tracker app, you can witness and capture screen of the targeted phone to monitor real-time and scheduled cell phone activities. The spyware app offers screen recording and screenshots to ensure every cell phone activity is monitored. 

Monitor Social Media

The app allows tracking popular social media apps, including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Tumblr. It also provides access to data relevant to instant messengers including WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Skype, Telegram and Kik.

GPS Location Finder

The app lets you know the exact current GPS location of the targeted phone. It also shows location history and offers geo-fencing to restrict visits to prevented areas.

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Online Data Backup

TheOneSpy also offers online backup for messages, contacts, photos, videos, voice recordings and important stuff saved on the android device.

Compatible Devices

The parental control and monitoring app is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets running Android OS 5 and above. It supports rooted and unrooted android devices. The supported smartphone brands include Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, LG and Motorola. 


The cost of the tracking app differs with features and subscription period. If you want to get maximum features, the app costs around $45 for one-month subscription. The lite version offering limited features can be subscribed in around $15 for a month.   


  • It is a reasonably priced spy app.
  • It also supports rooted mobile phones.
  • The app icon can be hidden. 
  • It supports all mobile phone networks.


  • It does not offer a trial version.
  • Physical access is mandatory to install the spy app.
  • Rooting is required to enjoy all the advanced features of the app. 

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy – Activity Tracking App for Android Devices is a feature-rich and inexpensive app coming with high-tech spying features.


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