How to create a blog for free and make money online?

This informative blog addresses the most valued question of the year – how to create a blog and make money online with blogs for free. We both know why you are here and why you have chosen blogging. Blogging is the new trend to make money online. It is probably not the fastest way to make money online but it is effective if got fame in it. So how does this work? What you have to do in the blogging to start earning money with it as soon as possible?

Well, blogging is definitely not an overnight fame generator. It takes time and for some of us, it even takes some cost as well. We have seen people suffering when they have chosen blogging as their full-time profession in the beginning. Of course, you cannot start blogging as a full-time career if you have a family to feed or if you are single and is required to earn some cost for the living. We have surveyed many people and have found that 60% of people try to start their career with the blogging and end up as a frustrated guy.

Blogging is fine if you are not taking it full-time in the beginning. Give him some time so he can grow. For some people blogging takes 6 months, while for some people it takes years. Everyone takes their own time and it completely depends on what is the niche of your blogging. So here, we have mentioned few tips on how to create a blog for free and make money online. Please refer to these tips if you want to make sure that it earns money for you.

Find your niche

It is very important to know your niche when you are starting your career as a blogger and if you are serious about it, you must have known until now. But if you don’t, then don’t worry, it happens with many people. So, it is normal to have. Our first tip on how to make money with a blog for beginners is to find your niche for writing and stick with it as long as possible.

Write a compelling blog

How does a compelling blog looks like? Well, it has a definitive structure of the information written in it in an easy to understand language. It has pictures or stock images that clearly portray what the blog is all about. So, our very next tip after knowing your writing niche is to create a compelling blog or content that will help you to make money online.

Know your audience

It is also very important to know who your audience is? If you do not know who your audience are then you are probably in the wrong profession. Targeting specific group of people and creating a high-quality content for them is the key to making money online. We do this so that they can consume it and praise it if they like it. And their praise will increase your blog’s social status level. This tip on how to create a blog for free and make money online is very crucial and one should not take it lightly.

Social media marketing

After creating compelling content, It is very important to promote your content socially. This is where social media marketing takes place. What do we do basically in social media marketing is that we create an instance of it along with a link to the main blog. People will visit your blog using that link and you will get paid for each and every person who visit your blog. Please take note that social media marketing is very important if you really want to make money online with blogs for free.

Creating mailing list

Believe it or not but creating mailing list is the best way to make sure your visitors are not left behind to know about the latest content you have posted on your blogging website. So you can consider it as our next Big tape on how to make money online with blogs for free.

money making online with blogs

Affiliate marketing

If you are not aware about the affiliate marketing even if you are aware but you are not considering it as your blogging companion, then believe me you are going to lose a lot of opportunities + money. So our free advice on how to make money online with a blog is considered affiliate marketing as a part of your blogging career.


Ujjawal Poonia

Ujjawal Poonia is a Google Certified Web Developer, who is currently working at Biz Glide Web Solutions as a Senior Web Developer. He loves to explore new places and share his experience through the blogs.

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