Best places to visit in South India – Travelling Guide

Planning to take a trip to any cool place? Anywhere, where you can feel like home but explore like a feast. Then there’s nothing better than taking a round of South India. Well taking of South India my mind pop-ups Idli, dosa, vada, beaches etc, stunning no?. You can find many of the Best places to visit in South India as it have many of the ancient temples and many of the beautiful places in it’s lap.

You can see almos women in South India wearing silk saree and men with white sarong which is generally known as lungi or even Mundu in Kerala.

However, foods, temples and many of ths beautiful beaches pull the tourists to visit South India.

Check out some of the Best places to visit in South India and and pack your bags to visit the place which will never disappoint you.

1- Badami, Karnataka

badami karnataka
Badami, Karnataka

If you want to explore the hidden monuments and temples in the plate of India then you can visit this place. However, it’s a great place for the lover of monuments, temples and ruins which are there from Chalukya empire time. Being one of the best places to visit in South India with your grandparents or even family too. When you are at a trip to Hampi you can take a short walk to visit this place as it is situated in Aihole and the village which engraved with 125 stone temples which have lost their identity long ago.

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2- Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters
Kerala Backwaters

Are you planning to come and visit Kerala? Here is one of the best place where you can check out some of the best foods. One of the best thing to admire is to see the backwaters. Enjoy boating around the river with freshly cooked Indian foods complimenting chilled beer which makes the boating more interesting. Want to experience bliss, come to Kerala and stay in boat for a night, middle of the water along with a great scenery. Not only this but freshly cooked food on the boat will make you think that Kerala is one of the coolest places to visit in South India.

3- Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park
Bandipur National Park

This is one of the place you must visit, if you are a big lover of wildlife. You can say that it’s the most beautiful and with better management makes it a beautiful place for the wildlife. This place was established in the 1974 year to save tiger live and provide them a better environment to live. Need some twist? You can also enjoy Mysore-Ooty highway on the way. You will get to see some of the beautiful flora and fauna as you are passing through the highway. So this is the coolest place for those wildlife lover who are in search of a complete burst vacation.

4- Bengaluru- A vibrant city


You may have also heard of Bangalore that was known as Bengaluru in ancient times. You will amazed to get to know this that it is the second fastest growing metropolis in India. This interesting point makes it to stand in best places to visit in South India list. This place is blessed with a evergreen climate throughout the year. You can see many of the scenery in this city like booming drinking, dining and many of the shopping spots as well. By visiting Bangalore you will get to see many of the lovely parks and other Victorian architecture. So what are you waiting for book your tickets now.

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5- Udupi


The next place on our list of places to visit in India is Udupi which is a must visiting. It is known as the coastal town which can give you experience to see carved temples, splendid buildings and many of the forests. You can find many of best South Indian restaurant engraved in this place. One of the thing which you will like is that has many of the pilgrimage spot to present in front of you.

So when are you going to tie knot for a visit to the coolest places in South India. Bonus tip, coming will give you an blissful experience up-to eternity which you can remember for your lifetime.



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