Boasting of the mesmerizing view of Himalayas, Uttarakhand is considered as one of the serene states, we have in India. The beauty of this state can not be pinned down in words. You can not frame the serene beauty of this beautiful state without experiencing it.

Uttarakhand is a land of sublime beauty and serene spirituality that speaks of simplistic living amidst nature. The state has everything in store for any explorer who is crazy enough to visit himself/herself. The state has uncountable magnificent places to explore, one of which is Nag Tibba. If you are a solo traveler and are daring enough for Nag Tibba trekking, here’s everything that you need to know.

Nag Tibba is a small Trek, situated at the height of 3,050 meters, in the Shivalik range. Its a wonderful delight for explorers across the world. The peak is named after Serpent God, Shiva. The serene beauty of this place attracts thousands of tourists every year. The snow-covered trail and views of the Himalayas make you feel closer to nature.

Nag Tibba is an easy trek, hundreds of mountain lovers plan a solo visit every year. Well, it’s a good choice to plan Nag Tibba without a guide as well. The trek is open throughout the year. While the idea of Nag Tibba trekking without a guide seems intimidating, it’s enticing and easy, if you’ve done good planning. This comforting Nag Tibba trek offers spellbinding scenes of the massif peaks of Srikanth, Gangotri, Black Peak, Doon valley and many other such mesmerizing peaks.

Nag Tibba trek (Things you need to know before going there)

Region- Uttarakhand

Best time to visit- October to April

Snow- December to March

Max altitude – 9910 ft.

Approx trekking distance – 18km

Grade- Easy to moderate

Duration- 2 days

Nag Tibba is on a high altitude where you need to consider all types of nuances and emergences. You might also encounter bad weather conditions like heavy snowfall or rainfall, landslides, and other such problems. While traveling solo, you need to keep all the things in your bag which can be required in case of an emergency.

For camping, you will be needing equipment like- Rucksack, mattress, torch, lighter, tent, sleeping bag, rope, trekking stick or pole and dry firewood for a bonfire under the stars. You do not need to carry these items from home though. You can rent that in Pantwari.

How to reach Nag Tibba-

Nag Tibba is a 10km trek from base camps in Pantwari, which is not a long distance away from Dehradun. If you have your own vehicle, direct reach to Pantwari with the help of  Google map. If you are traveling by train or bus or flight, there are several routes that you can opt for to reach Dehradun but the easiest route is from Delhi. Take a train or bus or flight from Delhi to Dehradun. Pantwari is 33kms away from the city. After reaching Dehradun, you can hire a taxi or bus to reach Pantwari. From here to Nag Tibba base is at 2600 m distance.

Rules to be followed-

– Don’t harm animals

– Don’t litter here and there

– Keep the waste in your bag instead of throwing it on the trail

– Respect the local traditions

– Do not smoke. You’ll enjoy a stress-free vacation

– Do not drink alcohol. It is a diuretic. It dehydrates you.

– Always walk on a demarcated trail to avoid getting lost, if traveling alone

Things to carry while trekking-

– Water bottles

– Packed food items or energy supplements

– Hiking shoes

– Dry clothes

– Medication: Diamox tablets

– Toiletries

– Torch with extra batteries

– Powerbank

– Swiss knife: a multipurpose toolset

– Cash

– Paper soap

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Trekking and Camping-

NagTibba is an ideal place for trekking and camping during winter and spring. This whole popular trek’s route involves easy trekking of 6-7 hours. The trek is covered with lush green valleys, hushed hamlets and oak forests, which offers ample opportunities for nature photography and astrophotography.


Camping in Nag Tibba is an unforgettable experience. And why it shouldn’t be? It’s a perfect place for camping during winter and spring. Do not forget to borrow camping tents when you reach to Deharadun. Tents are available at Naishvilla road. Camping under the clear night sky with a bonfire is a dream come true. 


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